The Waste Class



EXITS Edmonton, Alberta

"Straying from hardcore norms, but drawing inspiration from the late ‘90s to early ’00 era of the genre, EXITS produce technically sound recordings and intense, sweat-soaked live energy, demonstrating the group’s passion for the sound. Not so chaotic that it’s out of control, they manage to capture the white-knuckled intensity of hardcore punk."
- Sled Island Music Festival, 2015
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Track Name: The Waste Class
If you took a breath then you owe them a breath,
oh man I wish I was choking, and no one else was gasping with me.
Survival just means debt, and his debt paid mine.
And my debit paid his debt. this isn't fun for anyone,
lets just fucking forget it.
Just cover you're ears.
Raise the stakes; I only have my life to bet.
The waste class average, so far beyond damaged.
When do we stop being we? After you trade your heart with me? After the blood in your veins belongs to someone else.
The patient of discontent.
Hindsight is the best way to look at life,and the reason I plucked out my eyes.
If you took a breath than you owe them a breath.
I actually wasn't joking and no one else is laughing with me.
The waste class average, always trying to match the pace.